The Allman Brothers Band May 24, 2009, Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas, NV. By Mark Whittington Mon, May 25, 2009 The Allman Brothers Band makes new magic in Las Vegas. After 40 years, ABB continues to conjure up sonic wizardry. Sunday, May 24, 2009 By Mark Whittington Mon, May 25, 2009 (1:10 p.m.) The Allman Brothers Band turned back the clock Sunday night at Red Rock. The band, touring to celebrate its 40th anniversary, put on a two-set, two-plus-hour show that reaffirmed its place in the musical firmament. The Allmans started the evening on time with the two songs that began its first album back in 1969 – “Don’t Want You No More” segueing into Gregg Allman’s growling vocals on “It’s Not My Cross to Bear.” The band kept close to its roots with the Elmore James’ blues “Done Somebody Wrong” and “Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’” -- from the second album, At the end, the only choice was an extended version of “Whipping Post” with the guitars soaring and finally descending back to earth after 15 minutes. For the encore, the Allmans brought out Las Vegas guitarist Chris Tofield for a rousing version of “One Way Out” with the crowd singing the chorus: “Might be your man, I don’t know.” So, was it worth it? My friend smiled. He got to see and hear the magic live. I was reminded that “time goes by like hurricanes” and that an old band can make new magic happen every day.” - Mark Whittington

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Chris Tofield By Mike Varney |Guitar Player Magazine - June 2006 Age: 41 Styles: Blues/rock Influences: Roy Buchanan, the Allman Brothers, Santana Main Guitar: Gibson ES-335 Location: Torrington, CT Background: Known in international blues circles as the guitarist and musical director for legendary soul/blues singer Mighty Sam McClain, Tofield co-produced, arranged, and appeared on McClain’s 2003 release One More Bridge To Cross—which was nominated for a W.C. Handy Award for Best Soul/Blues Album of the Year. As a solo artist, Tofield has released two critically acclaimed CDs—Chris Tofield (1994) and Broken Strings (2000)—and is working on his third solo CD for release later this year. Tofield is one of the most formidable blues musicians on the scene today, possessing both a distinctive voice and an arsenal of chops that can be as subtle as B.B. King, as expressive as Roy Buchanan, and as blistering as Gary Moore. Contact:” - Mike Varney

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(this is why i keep playing.....c.t.) hey chris, my name's sebastian. i am from bucharest. i saw your shows in big mamou and art jazz. on my way over to mamou that night i was very excited to have the chance to actually see how a blues band from usa sounds. before the concert began i was thinkin: come on, what could be so special?...we have a bunch of blues bands here in romania that are really good..and i go to blues concerts every week..what could they have that we don't? well...i was so wrong. when it all started i was hypnotized. i just couldn't believe my ears. it was by far the best concert i had ever seen. i was just sitting and listening and i didn't even move for like 5 or 6 songs..i didn't even touch my beer (and that's something). there was just so much energy and feeling coming from the stage...i did't really understand what was happening. i felt the same thing a few days later in art jazz. i sent liviu a few pictures we took at that gig. i don't know if you got them. i know you're all very busy.anyway, i just wanted to thank you guys for a great experience and a lesson on how blues should be played. you're a real inspiration to me and everyone who's had a chance to hear you and a few friends we've got a blues band together and we're trying to make something out of it but it's really hard and we've been hitting bump after bump ever since we started. not many people pay attention to bands with an age average under 18.i was hoping maybe we could keep in touch and maybe you could give us a few tips and pointers on how to do things right. one of the many you touched with your music.....seby”

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Hello Chris! My name is Dan, I'm a friends of Dragos and Tache. I saw your show at Art Jazz Club last night and I found it just great! First of all I want to say that I really admire you a lot, you are a wonderful artist and the way you transmit feelings through your music is inspiring. I usually listen to heavy- metal, but I must admit that from now on the blues is on my favorites list! Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to see you and your band play in Romania again! Best wishes, love and respect! Dan”

— an email from a fan.

Classic American Blues Band to Perform Live in Stara Zagora, Burgas, Haskovo, Plovdiv and Sofia /български текст/ PRESS RELEASE March 23, 2005 The American Embassy in Bulgaria is pleased to announce that the Chris Tofield Blues Band will be touring Bulgaria between 27 March and 31 March. This dynamic band plays a combination of both sweet sounding originals and soulful blues standards. The tour will include live performances in five cities across Bulgaria. The Chris Tofield band is led by Chris Tofield, a seasoned journeyman musician of over 25 years who has performed with some of the top artists of the blues and rock world. Tofield, a singer and guitarist, is joined by Liviu Pop on drums and Steve Clark on electric bass. The U.S. Embassy is bringing the Tofield Blues Band to Bulgaria as part of the Embassy’s annual support for “Sofia Jazz Peaks.” In total, the band will have six performances across the country. Performance Schedule: Stara Zagora 27 March 19:00 PM – Puppet Theater Bourgas 28 March 20:00PM – Club “Alibi” Haskovo 29 March 21:00PM – Club “Radio Bar” – Free Admission Plovdiv 30 March 19:00PM – Drama Theater Sofia 31 March 19:30PM – Sofia Jazz Peaks at Bulgaria Hall Sofia 31 March 22:30PM – Jam Session at Club Back Stage Tickets are on sale at the box offices of the different venues. For more information please call the U.S. Embassy Information Office at: 937-5173”
TOP 26 BLUES - July-August 2000 - 106.9 WCCC - Hartford, CT ____________________________________________________________ SUBJECT: TOP 26 BLUES ALBUMS - June 2000 FROM: Beef Stew, the blues guy PROGRAM: Sunday Night Blues STATION: 106.9 WCCC - Hartford, CT ARTIST / ALBUM / LABEL 1. B.B. King & Eric Clapton / Riding With The King / Reprise 2. Jeff Pitchell / One Day Away / Premier Music 3. Chris Tofield / Broken Strings / CRT 4. Walter Trout / Live Trout / Ruf records 5. Smokin' Joe Kubek / Bite Me! / Bullseye Blues & Jazz 6. Big Bill Morganfield / Rising Son / Blind Pig 7. Liz Mandville Greeson / Ready To Cheat / Earwig 8. Janis Joplin / Greatest Hits Remaster / Columbia Legacy 9. Luther Allison / Live In Chicago / Alligator 10. Kenny Wayne Shepard / Live On / Giant 11. Coco Montoya / Suspicion / Alligator 12. Indigenous / Circle / Pachyderm 13. Candye Kane / Toughest Girl Alive / Bullseye Blues & Jazz 14. Bob Margolin / Hold Me To It / Blind Pig 15. Shannon Curfman / Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions / Arista 16. Maria Muldaur / Meet Me Where They Play The Blues / Telarc 17. Various / Blues Rock'It Blues Revue / Blue Rock'It 18. Various / The Golden Age Of Blue Chicago / Blue Chicago 19. Susan Tedeschi / Just Won’t Burn / Tone-Cool 20. Christine Ohlman / Wicked Time / J-Birds 21. Nelson Adelard Band / Blues Got A Hold On Me / J-Bird 22. Ronnie Baker Brooks / Goldigger / Watchdog 23. Larry Garner / Once Upon The Blues / Ruf Records 24. Deborah Coleman / Soft Place To Fall / Blind Pig 25. Mighty Mo' Rodgers / Blues Is My Wailing' Wall / GRP 26. Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan / In Session / Stax SNB is the #1 Arbitron Sunday night program in southern New England. Hartford, CT is the 44th radio market in the U.S. This Top 26 list is reported to: R&R - FMQB - The Album Network - Living Blues - Tri-State Blues The Blues Audience - Delta Snake News - Connecticut Blues Society New England Blues Society - ConnCept and major labels. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sunday Night Blues with Beef Stew 6:00 pm to 12:00 midnight, eastern WCCC 106.9 FM - 1290 AM 1039 Asylum Avenue Hartford, CT 06105”

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BEST BLUES Chris Tofield & the Bluesbenders: Chris Tofield, guitar, vocals * Steve Peck, drums * Greg Allen, bass. The Bluesbenders find themselves in the same Catch 22 every other local band with a promising future discovers: You can't get a record deal without good representation, and you can't get a decent manager unless you've got a record deal. But Chris Tofield isn't losing sleep over it. After 10 years, the Bluesbenders have one CD out, and a second one, Broken Strings,in the final stages of production. Sure, Tofield's had big label interest over the years. "Basically most of them wasted my time," says Tofield. "In this age, you don't need to rely on the labels so much any more. You get online, hook up with a good search engine and keep reinvesting in yourself. At this point I'd like to start my own label, and someone else can buy me out." And if that doesn't happen, no matter. Tofield plans to develop his own website, with pages for the band's biography, upcoming concerts and merchandising. In the meantime, the band is touring around the country and finding plenty of steady work, playing 32 shows in the past six weeks alone. In addition to winning the Advocate's Grand Band Slam, the Bluesbenders are also finalists in a statewide blues competition (again) and will be playing in an upcoming Middletown blues festival with CJ Chenier and Matt "Guitar" Murphy. I'm in this for the long haul," Tofield says. "The reason I chose the blues is the longevity of it. It's timeless music and the older you get the more validation you get with it. I can't see me playing Led Zeppelin tunes when I'm 60 years old." Bluesmen like Murphy, on the other hand, are still going strong into their 60s and beyond. And Tofield has decades to go before he reaches that point. Copyright ©1999 New Mass. Media, Inc.”

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Blues Chris Tofield & The Bluesbenders Chris Tofield, guitar and vocals Stephen Peck, drums Greg Allen, bass Barry Seelan, keyboards Caught up with Chris this week while he was in Chicago for a gig with Mighty Sam McClain playing at Buddy Guy's Club. Tofield and fellow Bluesbenders bandmate Barry Seelan have been playing with McClain for about a year on a tour that's brought them all over the U.S. and Europe. Tofield says European audiences appreciate the music and are really attentive. Tofield is planning to record with McClain and a couple of his songs are expected to be featured on that CD, which Tofield is also helping to produce. One of the highlights for Chris Tofield is that he has been able to meet and hang around with the musicians he looked up to like Bobby Blue Bland and Elvin Bishop. They now travel the same roads and festivals. When he's back home he will be once again working with the Bluesbenders on a new CD. Hartford Advocate Grand Band Slam home Copyright ©2002 New Mass. Media, Inc. All rights reserved.” - india blue

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BLUES Chris Tofield & the Blues Benders Chris Tofield, vocals, guitar * Steven Peck, drums * Greg Allen, bass * Barry Seelan, on Hammond organ, when scheduling permits Chris Tofield has done some big promoting of the blues in Hartford, and this is his fourth year in a row to win this category. He started his journey into the blues when he read interviews about rock guitar players like Eric Clapton, and discovered who they were listening to. When he first heard Freddie King and B.B. King, Tofield just loved the music. "It's a big quilt when you begin to see where it all came from," says Tofield. Tofield has been playing guitar over 20 years and his vocal career began shortly after that. "To be the front man that wasn't my choice." says Tofield, "I didn't know I wanted to till I got out front. Most of the time, I really enjoy it." Tofield and the Blues Benders did over 250 shows last year, half of them around the region. Tofield says of the Blues Benders, "It's like driving a Cadillac. The band and I have never had a cross word between us in the past 10 years. I consider myself very lucky." About Broken Strings, the band's latest CD, Tofield says: "The way it was laid out told a story about the struggle of the musician. What you go through in the business, how hard it is to carry on a relationship, and why we do this." For Tofield, it's not about money or fame, but the joy he gets when playing this music. The number for gig info is (860) 257-7500.”

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BLUES ROCK Chris Tofield and the Bluesbenders Chris Tofield: guitar, vocals * Pat Nigro: keyboards * Greg Allen: bass * Steve Peck: drums Local blues rock guitarist Chris Tofield and his Bluesbenders have been hugely popular in Connecticut for the better half of a decade. Originally from the Torrington area, Tofield is a Connecticut legend whose classic sound is familiar and inviting. "I try to give as much as I can to every show," says Tofield. "People like to hang with people that are having fun." With influences ranging from Miles Davis to the Allman Brothers, it is no surprise that the Bluesbenders' music is suitable in biker bars and jazz clubs alike. "I'm not just a blues player," Tofield points out. "I'd be just as comfortable playing an Iron Butterfly tune as I would be playing B.B. King." This sort of flexibility is what sets Tofield and company apart from other blues bands in the area. Tofield also humbly credits the band for his success. "I'm very lucky to have the band that I have," he says. "I couldn't do it without them. They're not only bandmates, they're friends. It's at the point where it's very intuitive on stage. I know what they're gonna do, they know what I'm gonna do...If I go off in a different direction, they're there. I think I've got the best rhythm section in the state." Chris Tofield and the Bluesbenders are currently recording a followup to Tofield's self-titled debut CD.”

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Mighty Sam McClain One More Bridge To Cross Mighty Music This is the album to acquire for those of you in need of a Bobby Bland fix. McClain has put together a strong CD that while acknowledging his debt to Bland is an asset to any collection. The songs are written or co-written by McClain and the band with Mr. AudioQuest, Joe Hardin, and Jean Jacques Milteau helping out. And what a band it is. Chris Tofield supplies some of the tastiest soul blues guitar licks I've heard in some time, contributing mightily to each song without overpowering or showboating. Horns and backup singers are there when necessary. This incorrigible blues fan thinks that McClain can overdo his religious side but he does not do that here, as "The Other Man In The Band" and "If It Wasn't 4 Da Blues" attest. He is in exceptionally fine voice throughout. If you can't find this CD, go to” - john valenteyn

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